Tycoon 10 – 10 Penis Facts & Trivia (And More To Come)

sexy lady with hotdog
Today, it's all about your weiner!

Dong, Dick, Cock, Wang, Boing, Wand, Stiffler… Whatever you call it, it will still be called a penis.

Our penises (or your friend’s penises if you’re a girl) are your stereotypical organs that are totally accepted when bulked but totally blurred when it pops out on the flesh.

Some of us only know that these dongs are used by men for peeing and for banging. We also know that men do have morning woods (those hard-on moments after you wake up.) But little do we know that there are more things that we could actually know about your man’s popsicle.

So ladies and gents, boys and girls, let NewsTycoon take you an educational ride as we all discover 10 penis facts and trivia that everyone should get a grip on. *wink*