This Girl Asked 100 Men To Have Sex With Her, And The Results Were Just Shocking!

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Okay, here’s some random question. If we just met on the street, me being normal, squeaky, but good to go, and I asked you to have sex with me. Will you accept my proposition or just take the offer down?

Sex is a topic which many people have different views about it. Some may think that having sex is just like meeting a normal human need (just like eating when you are hungry,) while other believe that sex shouldn’t be something like that. For others, sex is something that should be respected.

Now, back to what we’ve started. If by any chance that I asked you for sex, not later, but like really now or never, would you accept my offer? Would you really say yes to a random lady’s offer of coitus despite the fact that you just really met her?

Well, a lady just tried that one with 100 random men. And the results were just as remarkable as anyone could expect!

So the idea here is to find out how many guys will accept her indecent offer. She roamed around the streets and snuggled every bits and corners of USA and asked 100 random guys to have sex with her.

If you were that guy who was on the spot? Would you say yes or would you say no?

According to the social experiment, almost 30% of the guys said yes to the girl (WHAT!?) while almost 70% of them slapped the offer. Hurray for those 70%!

It’s not that I’m really against sex or something, but I believe that having sex shouldn’t be that fast and easy. It’s like you’re just ordering free food for McDonalds!

But anyway, this only proves that men are really not what we usually thought off.  We still have those respectful men and that’s more important than anything!