This Guy Danced A Single Routine in 100 Different Locations… And The Results Were Just Outstanding!

(source: ProjectOneLife)


I was born with two left feet. Every time that I entered the dance floor, I would dance awkwardly with my own tempo. My cheerleading career was ultimately hopeless. My father and mother sent me to dancing camps, only to see me having the roles of Tree #4 in the background. Yes, my dancing skill is not that great. And thanks to this video of pojectonelife, dancing on 100 different locations, I event felt worse.

But I have to agree that his video totally rocks! Just by looking at his cool moves on different locations such as stadiums, kitchens, bridges, classrooms, living rooms, parks, and even inside a bathroom! But wherever he danced, he just pulled it off greatly. Just look at him!

According to the video’s description, it was intended to fill one item from his bucket list (which is to learn how to dance). Although he admitted that it didn’t really proved that he was a great dancer (show-off!),  he said that he felt like he did learned a lot of cool moves.

If you really think about it, doing this kind of video is not as easy as it looks. You need to find the perfect music that can show some moves and can be edited easily. You also need to memorize the steps of the song to the point that your muscles move naturally to it. If you moves, the music, and your video editing skills jived altogether without any problems, you’ll most probably end with a fantastic video like this.

But come to think of it, it does look like Where the Hell is Matt videos, right?

Now, if only I could find my dancing shoes again, I could create my own dancing video with maybe 1 single place to dance? I think that would be enough for me!