Watch These 11 Red Bull-Powered Athletes Do Stunts For One Simple Goal!

(source: Red Bull)


KLUGE: A witty, yet inelegant solution that succeeds in performing a particular task. It’s a slang that is often used by hipsters that really wanted to explain the Rube Goldberg machine. But for those who doesn’t really know what a Rube Goldberg machine is, you might want to read this and watch the video instead of listening to hipsters. We’ll get to this later.

Red Bull is known for doing crazy stunts that will always attract a lot views on the Internet.  You got your usual death-defying leaps, some crazy skateboard tricks and much more. Just your usual Red Bull antics.

But it came to the point that Red Bull wanted to do something else. They wanted to do a series of stunts that will be related to each other. So they thought of a plan that will showcase what extreme sports can do if they are collected together to perform one awesome stunt.

 And trust me, the result was just freaking awesome!

Red Bull collected 11 different sports icons and asked them to do their usual sports. But what made it different from the rest of the stunt videos is that they incorporated Kluge (or Rube Goldberg machine) on it. Robe Goldberg machine is a contraption that is composed of different machines (that causes chain reaction) that may look over-engineered to do a simple task.

Just like on these video, it took these people:

  • Sean MacCormac
  • Joey Brezinski
  • Rickie Fowler
  • Danny MacAskill
  • Ryan Sheckler
  • Drew Bezanson
  • Dryce Menzies
  • Rhys Millen
  • Robbie Maddison
  • Lolo Jones
  • Pat Moore

Just to freaking break the ice covering the can of Red Bull. And yes, it took them almost 5 minutes to do such a thing!

Oh well, we do admit that the whole thing is kinda neat, so no worries!

But seriously, Red Bull. The next time you get your drink, don’t hire a lot of people to do it. Just get some ice crusher and do it yourselves!