Amazing 14-Year-Old Teen Doing Trickshots Will Definitely Make You Feel Bad

(source: Stinger Trickshots)


When I was 14, I stayed on the library every day to study for my exams. I practiced playing the violin every day for my monthly recital. Whenever I’m free, I’d go to my friend’s house and maybe eat some mac n’ cheese. Well, I did everything what a normal 14-year-old would do.

But at 14, I think kid did greater than be. At 14, this kid can do various trick shots with a cue ball, some stick and a bunch of other colored balls. At the age 14, he became of the masters of pool. At the age of 14, he made a mid 20’s adult feel bad because he can do so much that I wasn’t able to do when that adult was 14.

To be honest, we now feel bad that we somehow wasted our 14-ish year without doing something extraordinary.

Just watch this kid and maybe you can see it through without having the worst feelings of regret.

In my whole life, I have never played pool, EVER. I know that a lot of famous personalities know how to play it. But after seeing this video, I felt worse than before.

But don’t worry, I think this kid has the potential of becoming the best pool champion in the whole wide world. And as he does this, I suggest that he should also do 14-ish things like:

Studying – Don’t just play pool, you also need to study!

Understanding why your parents were always angry at you – I really wondered why they were like that to me.

Doing physical stuff – other than playing pool. Maybe do some actual “pool” by swimming!

Socialize with people – Like seriously, don’t play alone. Grab someone and talk about Tinder or something.

Well, maybe play some video games – Or just like any other 14 year old would be doing right now, he’d better grab an X-Box or PS and play the heck out of it!

Thanks to your talent at shooting cueballs, we’ve just solved boredom! Thank you, talented pool-playing kid!