This Guy Kept Beard For 14 Years, Then He Decided To Shave It, And This Is The Result!

(source: BBRChannel)


Guys, we all know that having a beard is one of the holy grails of being a manly man. Having that rough scraping surface on your cheek means that you are the authority in your own house and nobody should argue about it. Facial Hair means Honor. And Honor means you know how to handle everything.

When people ask about our facial hair, we blush. But when people ask us why we are not shaving them, it boils our blood. I mean, facial hair is cool! Facial hair is like having golden kneecaps or something. Right? Right?

Well, imagine a man who hasn’t shaved for 14 years. He met his wife, had children and watched them grow without them knowing what his face looked like without his icky beard. Now, imagine if you suddenly saw a random handsome man kissing you and your kids. Like seriously, some will leave their husband for that handsome tiger!

But I guess you’ll never believe it until you see it for yourself. Now look what happens when a guy who never really shaved for 14 years made a very big decision on his life.

This is Mook, a 44 year old guy who grows his mascu-tuche for 14 years now. It’s just something that he really wants to keep. And no one ever gave a freak over his beard.

But one day, he decided to cut the crap and shave the heck out of his 14 year old beard. And trust us girls, that ain’t easy. It’s like you’re keeping a treasure chest for 14 years and you just decided to give it away. Ugh, the stress!

But look, he did look better after he removed his beard. His parents, relatives, family (even his wife) don’t recognize him immediately because of his surprising transformation.

So remember, sometimes, we have to lose it. We have to lose some things that we keep (even that 14 year old beard that you treated like your own child).