LOL! Watch 2 Comedians Dressed Up As Gorillas And FOOL Everyone Inside The Zoo!

(source: Hamish & Andy)


It’s not unknown to us humans that gorillas and other types of monkeys can almost match our intelligence. It’s known to man that gorillas can understand the words that we speak, and they can even think of a way to respond on these expressions. Just like Planet of the Apes, these monkeys can possibly dominate us once they figure out how to use a gun.

But before that horrible future could happen, let’s just stick to what gorillas can do for now. Some can do hand signals. Some gorillas can paint wonderful drawings. Some gorillas can actually show affection by kissing.

Now, what if I told you that gorillas are now educated to a level where they can easily play Frisbee? On that level, they reached the comprehensiveness of a brain that could operate a remote-controlled car? Or what if they became so intelligent that they could drive a car?

I know, we’re just joking about it. But when it comes to these people, I think it’s not a laughing matter. As a matter of fact, they actually believed that these gorillas can do those things!

People in Werribee Open Range Zoo were expecting real live gorillas inside. Well, comedians Hamish & Andy don’t want these visitors to be disappointed, so they brought the gorilla with them.

Well, it’s not that they brought the gorillas. It’s just that they WERE the gorillas!

So these comedians played their part well by acting as real gorillas while a legit animal specialist were explaining a lot of things to the visitors.

Got some shiny-fake-ish glow with the hair? Naww! They’re just shampoo-d hair!

Gorillas know how to play Frisbee? They’re just super intelligent!

It seems like everything that Dr. Chris Browns says is quite “true”

Well, screw you, Mother Nature! And don’t let your monkeys evolve further!