2 Year Old Toddler Enjoys Playing Guitar Hero So Much That You Can See His Reactions Clearly!

(source: Gabe White)


If I have a kid right now, I would be picky when it comes to the music that he or she listens every day. I mean, no offense to dubstep or some pop-music out there,  but I would rather let them slay rock music like Slipknot, Linkin Park, Papa Roach or even some good Lynyrd Skynyrd on the side. However, this dream is still too far from reality as I haven’t met my future wife yet. However, one dad is fulfilling this duty to his son with the help of Guitar Hero.

The unnamed kid (which we hope we could meet personally in the future) was recorded playing Guitar Hero’s Rage Against Machine’s Bulls on Parade when someone (probably his awesome dad) started recording him.

Some would expect that 2 year olds would only nod their head quietly and stare at the colorful blocks falling in the screen, but this little tyke did nothing close to that. Instead, he partied like a wild horse, rocked his head and even made an impressive hardcore impression on his face.

In the video, he continuously rocked the whole music as his innocent brother tried grabbing the guitar in the back. But because it was too heavy, he decided to pick the drumsticks instead.

We don’t know if the kid really understands the power of rock songs. But if we base everything on his facial expressions, then we could say that he could feel the soul of the song within his heart.

For the kid in the video, let me raise my rock-hard glass to you as you prove that rock can be enjoyed not just by matured people, but also by those who can’t even read the alphabet yet.

Rock on! Kiddo! And let Rage Against the Machine discover their way to your rock-metal heart! Congratulations for raising your son in the rightful way, awesome dad!