These Guys Ruined Steven Vai’s Photograph Signing In The Most Rockin’ Way!



Imagine that you’re one of the music legend’s oldest and most successful guitarists who already released eight solo albums and made millions of people adore you. Now, imagine that you’re holding your own autograph signing on a certain music store. You see hundreds of people screaming your name as they wait for your beloved signature.

Yep, that’s how life would be if you’re Steven Vai. You got all the money and the popularity, and no one will be able to get that from you.

But what if your cool meet-and-greet autograph signing turned into something less attractive as 2 gorgeous cello masters played some guitar beats with the use of cellos.

Oh my, I guess people are just too ungrateful when it comes to music huh? One time, they’d be supporting your music. And when they could hear something more “cooler” than you, they’ll just go on, move forward and forget you.

2Cellos, a Croatian duo cellist, is a famous YouTube musician group who already earned millions of views and lots of subscribers for their amazing pieces. What makes them different from other musicians is that their cellos could cover different genres of music.

So if you’re thinking that cellos are just for those musical (or operatic) pieces. You’re definitely wrong.

Just like on this video, you could see them play rock. Yep, they can play rock with the use of cellos! (So no, Mr. Jock. These guys aren’t your typical musical players cause they can play freaking AC/DC! Take that!)

The video went on as the famous Steven Vai went inside the rampaging room to find out what the ruckus is all about. So after seeing them play, he grabbed his guitar and BANG! He shredded some waves!

Musical fans out there, I advise you to watch this cause you’ll definitely have a musicgasm!