This Guy Asked 3 Grandmothers To Go For A Ride In His Lamborghini, And Their Reactions Were Just Priceless!

(source: Donut Media)


If there’s a thing that my grandmother fears the most, I believe that it will be my father’s motorcycle. I mean, whenever dad and grandma would ride it to go and fetch something, my grandma would seriously shriek and beg for her life. For that, I think grandma doesn’t like anything that goes really fast. I think she can handle boats or anything, but seriously not cars or motorcycles.

I think if you strap her inside a very fast car, she would really pray that everything goes slow mo. I can immediately see grandma sweat after my dad tells her that they will be going in for a ride with the motorcycle. And goodness gracious, her color would turn from a bright pink to a very pale pink.

So with that, I believe that all grandmothers are afraid of cars and motorcycles. They don’t really like the feeling of speeding up. I assumed that they don’t like seeing their surroundings blur with speed. And I think this is because they just don’t want to suffer from a heart attack.

But who could’ve thought that not all grandmas hate speed?

These 3 grannies were asked to ride a Lamborghini Murcielago. And to make it funnier, a professional driver who knows how to get his speed on was asked to ride these 3 wonderful ladies to the freeway.

At first, they thought that the Lamborghini was a spaceship (since it did kinda looked like one.) But after some talking and small introductions, they started testing it up.

We can’t really tell you exactly what you can see on the video because it’s funnier to watch it. But in case you just wanted a quick summary, these grannies really liked Lamborghini.

Of course, they were surprised with the actual thrust of the engine. And even though they hate to admit it, it did make them feel younger.

Go grannies! You still rock our world!