3 Gun-believable Gun Myths that We Believe from Movies

Guns and Bullets
Seriously, this is a gun-believably many


They can almost kill anyone. Anyone looks cooler when they’re holding a gun. An action movie without any gun fights is like watching 101 Dalmatians without any Dalmatians.

Movies made guns look awesome. With almost more than a hundred years of filming guns on fights, you could actually think that you know your gun 101. But did you know that all things that happen when a person holds a gun in the movies don’t really happen in real life.

Can't tell in real life
Can’t tell in real life

As a matter of fact, movies are bluffing us with gun myths.


Sorry for the word pun. But seriously though, movies are giving us false interpretations when guns are used.

Take a look at these myths!

Myth # 1 – Machine guns “shower” you with bullets for a very long time.
Girl with bullets
Girl with bullets


Remember those movies that shown the protagonist with a machine gun? Remember how long did his gun lasted in spraying bullets to his enemies? Based on some movies, guns would take at least 8 to 10 seconds of full throttle firing before its magazine goes empty.

But in reality, a full mag could only last for 5 seconds or less.

Usually, guns like Carbines and other types of machine guns fire 200 rounds per minutes. This is why it’s technically impossible for guns to fire for 10 seconds without flushing out all ammunitions inside one magazine.

Myth # 2 – Silencers and suppressors silence your gun.


I can still remember those days when I let my nephew play Counter Strike and hear him make “tsoob” (I tried my best in putting that specific silenced handgun sound into words) sounds as if he was firing a silenced handgun.

Don’t trust James Bond and his suppressor because real silencers could only ‘silence’ 14.3-43 dB. Just to give you an idea much is that, a normal conversation is 60-65 dB. So yep, it doesn’t really help that much.

Myth # 3 – Bullet-proof vests make you uhm, bullet proof!


Bulletproof Vest
Bulletproof Vest


If you think like you could be Superman just because you have a vest that could repel bullets, then you’d be dead by now.

Those life saving vests doesn’t really protect your from all bullets. Those bullet-proof vests that you’ve seen on movies can only ‘block’ those bullets from most handguns. Those vests worn by SWATS can only block shots from a certain distance. But in general, you’re still prone to gun shots when you wear those bullet-proof vests.

And no, Sia. You’ll definitely lose something once you are “bullet-proof”.

It’s a fact that movies do really change some facts and truths in life. Just look at how Harry Potter and World War Z were changed by its movie counterparts? And yep, it does apply with guns, too!