This Dad Was Saying “I Love You” To This Baby When Suddenly, The Baby Answered Something!


(source: AFV Approved)


Babies, they’re like toys. Well, very, very expensive toys that you need to feed, care and monitor (just like very delicate Tamagotchi toys). But heck, they’re pretty much entertaining. You can actually spend the whole day just by watching and interacting with babies. And if you really are great with handling them, you could make the most out of them.

Now, what really amazes me with babies is that they usually do the unexpected things. I know that babies can’t really do much because they’re just uhm, babies, but then again, you’ll be surprised to see them do things that you least expect from babies.

It’s not that they could suddenly learn how to cook by the age of maybe 6 months, or you couldn’t really expect them to speak English fluently by the age of 1. But there will always be simple things like imitation. Like when you say something to them and they’ll copy you.

And what’s the best phrase that could be imitated by a baby other than the 3 sweetest words in the whole world (and nope, they’re not sugar, candy and syrup).

This 3 month old baby was just chilling with his dad. As a part of a dad’s routine in taking care of the baby, he needs to say “I love you” to his baby. But this time, they were not expecting their kid to say “I love you” back.

So okay, maybe that baby didn’t actually pronounced it that clear (or heck, we’re just hearing things), but who the heck doesn’t want to hear a baby saying “I love you” back to its daddy.

So to the dad on this video, you’re just one lucky bard! Now, teach your kid how to do mathematics or something!

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