This 3 Year Old Drummer Just Lead The Orchestra With Style!


(source: SimplyEntertainment)


It’s time for another “Let us Make You Feel Bad Because You Were Untalented When You Were A Kid!” portion!

Today’s topic? Drums!


In every musical band that I saw on MTV during my younger years, drummers are one of the most underrated musicians. Unlike the singer or the guitarists, drummers are rarely seen on music video. Usually, they are left out on the public and are positioned at the farthest corner of the room because their instruments are “too loud”.  But in reality, the whole song won’t run if it wasn’t for the drummer’s beats. The heck, you can’t even play a perfect tempo if you won’t follow the drummer!

So there I was in front of the TV, definitely frustrated because I do have a drum set but I can’t play because it’s “too loud”. I tried playing soft tunes but that didn’t help me at all in keeping my skills hot. So yes, it came to a point when my drumming skills were dusted from my hands.

Yes, I wasn’t able to play drums when I was a kid. I never actually had the chance to enjoy it as much as I want to. And that simple fact made me realize that I really lost my love to drums. And the worse part of this? I saw this video of a 3-year-old boy playing some drums while leading a whole freaking orchestra!

Okay, that was clearly one of the best opportunities that a drummer could ever get. Forget about singers leading an orchestra. Forget about lead guitarists leading the orchestra! But this? OMG! You got to be kidding me! You’re a backup that is being backed-up by an orchestra!

So yes, I think this kid really does have a place on the Internet. Heck, I can even sense that he’ll do great.

Well, I was that kid, except that his house allowed him to play the drums despite the fact that it’s too loud. *Sad face*

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