What Would You Do If 30 Dolphins Suddenly Got Stranded on Your Beach?

(source: Crariyo)


Aaah… Spending your whole summer break in a beach is one of the most relaxing ways to drain out your stress. You can simply sit on the sand under a beach umbrella. You could quietly listen to the waves crashing on the shoreline as you sip your homemade watermelon juice. You could sit peacefully under the san as you carefully bake yourself until you achieve the tan that you wished since last year. Or if you really want to do something different, why not return a bunch of dolphins back to the sea? Wouldn’t it be fun?

This happened on Arraial do Cabo in Brazil last March 5, 2012. Everything was almost perfect when almost 30 dolphins suddenly appeared along the coastline. One by one, each dolphin started flipping their tails as if they want to stay on land (which is really bad for them).

For the first few moments of seeing these stranded dolphins, the locals didn’t know what to do. But one man decided to pull each dolphin back to the sea. And then other copied what this man did.

According to the videos comments, the dolphins may have stranded themselves because of the Navy’s Sonar. Some believed that the low-to-medium frequencies have caused the disturbance, forcing each dolphin to swim away to a safe place.

Although there are no concrete facts that sonar frequencies are one of the solid causes of beaching, there are other possible reasons why such delicate animals do this.

  • Weather conditions – Yes, dolphins are affected by the rain, too.
  • Diseases – Some dolphins isolate themselves to avoid the spread of diseases.
  • Seaquakes – This may alter the geography of some seabed. This causes confusion to dolphins which may lead them to incorrect location.

So the next time you see a dolphin stranded on a beach, help out. Show the world that you can restore humanity. Be an animal lover! Grab a tail and gently pull it back to the sea!