These Girls Laid Their Backs On These Chairs… But When The Chairs Were Removed, This Happened!

(source: brusspup)


So you’re in a part which is currently overflowing with awkwardness. You got yourself some very old punch that was now kinda tasteless because of the melting ice. The cocktail pick-up foods were already soiled as some big-ass kid was already eating 90% of all the snacks. Your crush was just talking to someone else and looked kinda happy (worst case scenario, bestfriend.) It’s like you on heaven, except that they’re punishing you like hell.

Are you bored? Do you want some fun? Do you really want to stop these shenanigans and start doing something that’s worth 100,000 views on YouTube? Don’t fear! We have experienced this and luckily, we have a game that everyone could play. Well, not everyone. But at least it can dominate the awkward affinity in the air.

So what will you need? Groups of fours, some chairs and friends! Now first, get that chair and sit on it!

Now, remove the chair… WTF?!

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t really clear. But I guess you’ll understand what I mean once you watched the video. (Spoiler: They fell down in the ending of the video)

So let us take everything piece by piece and completely understand what sorcery was that.

First off, some balancing act just happened. We are not sure whether it was really about the gravity (or these teenagers were just a group of Sabrinas,) but I guess it’s kinda awesome seeing girls like this.

And as these witches teens suggested, you should do this with people who are within the same height as you are. So if you’re very tall or you’re just not blessed with height, stay awkward!

So yes, the next time you’re in a part and you just want to be less awkward, ask 4 random people to levitate with you “powers”. And then let them realize that you just know science that well!

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