This Unbelievable 4 Year Old Kid Can Play The Violin Just Like Mozart!



It’s time for another “Let us Make You Feel Bad Because You Were Untalented When You Were A Kid!” portion!


Today’s topic? Violins!

I’m the kind of kid who loves performing live on stage. I love the limelight. I love being the center of attention. If I was on a play, I’d cry if I got the role of Tree #5. As much as possible, I want to be the most famous kid in the world. I want to show my talent and everything. But unfortunately, I don’t have any talent.

That’s when I discovered the violin. I thought I could play it easily. Well, you could blame those music videos that show talented violinists swishing and swooshing that stick as if they’re just nothing. And as a foolish boy who just thought everything were as easy as pie, I started slicing the strings of the violin. With eagerness of showing the world that I was talented, I exerted too much force on the slicing. But as expected, instead of a beautiful Mozart-like music humming, it was screeching all over.

So I gave up, thinking that all I could do is to screech. I tried taking classes, but it turns out I wasn’t really in the zone with violins.

And after years, I saw this video of a kid playing a violin. Do take note that this kid is only 4 years old and already mastered the violin (which I now truly hated.) But me? I landed on Tree#6, one tree-less important than Tree #5.

Yes, I know… This kid is just way too talented than everyone else. And I do feel bad that we need to see him dominate the orchestra with his nimble fingers. Heck, even the whole orchestra was playing to him!

Ugh, thank you Akim Camara for letting me know that I should just stick being trees rather than playing the violin!