This 5-Year-Old Kid Can Do Push-Ups On Top of These Bottles, But How?!

(source: GiulianoStroeOfficial)


It’s time for another “Let us Make You Feel Bad Because You Were Untalented When You Were A Kid!” portion!

Today’s topic? Pushups!

By 5 years old, the heaviest weight that I could remember lifting is my schoolbag full of books. When my mom asked me to carry some stuff, I cried in pain and misery. When my parents asked me to lift my ass off from my couch, I cried and led a hunger strike (which lasted 5 minutes.) So when we had this physical test on school, I was horrified. Like seriously, I do know that I’m the worst kid when it comes to doing curl ups and pushups. And with that, I expected that exam to be a big failure.

And so when my P.E. teacher asked me to do some pushups, I stared at his face. And yes, I cried in pain and misery. I cried because I know I’m not able to do one pushup (which I tried and proved my point), and then it led me to a miserable feeling. Yes, I cried in pain and misery.

But after discovering this video, I realized that I’m a shatty kid when I was 5. And trust me, it didn’t help me recovering from my anguish. And even though I’m already an adult, I still can’t do enough pushups. What more if you’re a 5-year-old kid doing pushups while balancing on bottles?

Meet Giuliano Stroe, a kid that looked like the offspring of the Hulk and Pikachu. He’s your not so typical Romanian body builder that has the body of a freaking man trapped inside an innocent 5-year-old kid.

As what you have guessed, their father is a body builder and a trainer. And that makes these kids’ bodies really logical.

So for Giuliano Stroe, thank you for making me realize that I’m happy with my fat body. Like seriously, I don’t think I could live with those muscles of yours!

And that ends our “Let us Make You Feel Bad Because You’re Untalented When you Were A Kid!” !