This Guy Records Himself Catching 50 Air Balls From Different Baseball Matches!

(source: dodgerfilms)


What could be more entertaining than watching a game of baseball while eating a hotdog on one hand, slurping on a big cup of cola while seeing everyone cheering? Catching a homerun ball, that’s for sure!

For game watchers like me, one of the things that I would really want to do during a baseball game is to catch a fly ball. I’m completely sure that all those who watch on the bench like me watches games because:

  • They want to see their favorite teams compete.
  • They have a crush on the opposing team so they kinda root for them, too.
  • Stadium hotdogs are the best!
  • They freaking want to catch a fly ball.
  • They seriously want to go home with a fly ball on their hands.
  • Should I really say that again? We all love catching a homerun ball for crying out loud!

Of course, why ignore the fact that you could actually get a ball that may cost a fortune (which can also be pitched by your favorite pitcher) if you can actually get it for free. But unfortunately, it’s pretty rare to get a fly ball. And you can’t really ask for the batter to hit that ball and let it fly towards you.

So believe or not, there are people who are masters of catching an air ball. And yes, they tend to catch a lot of air balls in every match. YouTuber dodgerfilms has actually caught a bunch of air balls and he recorded it with his camera.

And to be honest, his way of catching it was pretty neat. But for all people who thinks that all of these was just a coincidence, let me just remind you that he already did it 50 times (and counting,) so I guess he really got the skills.

So the next time you’re watching a ball game, find this guy, take a seat near him and start waiting for the ball!