EXCLUSIVE! Shocking Video Caught French Amusement Park Ride Gone Haywire!

(source: WonderWorldWebTv)


Amusements parks are made to make people happy and amused. They are built to give joy and hope for those people who want happiness in their life. Amusement parks are supposed to be places that when you leave, you’ll feel happy and relaxed. Like seriously, it should feel like any other amusement park.

But what if that amusement park that we’re talking about went the other way around? What if it brings despair and terror to you? Well, not in that creepy way like zombies or killer clowns, but natural disasters and accidents? Would you still visit that very same amusement park?

Remember, before you hop into a ride, make sure that it’s super, super, super safe. Cause if you were not sure with it, you might want to reconsider riding those two-seated thingamajigs. Like seriously, you may really want to consider them!

Cap D’Agde, France… I bet you already smell French bread, pastas and romantic couples. But in this video, the only thing that they could smell is fear.

I’m not sure why they named this ride the “5th Element”. Is it because it was round? Is it because you’re going to look like a hamster inside a metal ball that will be launched maybe hundreds of feet up in the air? Or is it because the 5th element that they’re talking about is fear?

So you are launched up in the air while inside this metal ball when suddenly, one of the ropes snapped. Oh boy, not another Final Destination!

According to Luna Park (the name of the park where this ball-snapping incident happened), the blame should go to the manufacturers of the rope and not to the park itself. Well, talk about quality control, huh?

Well, as long as we’re far away from that death machine, I think I’ll enjoy staying at home, cozy in my couch as a warm mug of coco is just within the reach of my hand!