You’ll Probably Wonder Why Are They’re Raising Their Legs… Well, Here’s The Reason!

(source: Margaret Hutto)


It’s time for another “Let us Make You Feel Bad Because You Were Untalented When You Were A Kid!” portion!

Today’s topic? Talent shows!

Talent shows were always horrible for me. I’ve been through various talent shows when I was a kid and I always fail at showing my talent. And believe it or not, it all ended up either me losing balance on the stage, me accidentally plugging off the electricity because I was dancing too much, me breaking an ankle because I slipped on stage, or just any kind of accident that you’d expect a kid to have during a talent show.

I do have a lot of talents. I know how to sing (awfully.) I know how to dance (like a worm, in a beach that has salt instead of sand for grains.). I know how to act (and make myself look like a fool.) But look, I bet those are the easiest talents to do on a talent show. I mean, you won’t really put much effort in thinking of a talent, especially when you’re a group of boys doing a synch swimming in dry land, right?

Well, these 5th graders went on full blast as they showed the audience that you could also do a freaking synchronized swimming without any water. And yes, they nailed it by doing all the tricks behind a blue cloth.

Well, they’re 5th graders, and they never slipped nor pulled a plug while doing this talent, so I kinda feel jealous. And yes, I do feel bad about myself because I can’t do a single talent without screwing my act!

So yes, I think these boys deserve an applause, and yes, you could just laugh at me because I’m a total screwing MacGrew!

Thanks boy, now you made me feel worse with my talent portion days!