This 60-Year-Old Dance Teacher Closed Her Career With An Unbelievable Dance Number!

(source: Artistic Edge Dance Academy)


Our world is blessed with lots of great dancers. You got Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, JLO, and even Channing Tatum. But for me, these dancers wouldn’t be that epic if it wasn’t for their dance instructors. I mean, they may have the talent since they were born, but you can’t put that talent to another level if no teacher taught them how to apply these moves in different dance routines.

If you’re a dance instructor, the idea of retiring is just painful. Now, you won’t be able to bust some moves that could wow the crowd. But before Shirley Clements could ever end her career as a dance instructor, she did a final routine that would mark the history of 60-year-old dancers.

Thanks to Bruno Mar’s composers, Clements found the perfect song that could generate the biggest encore of her life.

She nearly dominated (or as to speak, she really owned) the dance floor while dancing Mars’s “Uptown Funk”.

Although the routine was more than a simple set of steps, you may think that everyone could easily follow it. Well, that is if you still have that youthful body moving like Jell-O! But if you’re at your prime, I think you won’t be able to do some moves like her. I bet you could not even move a single beat if you were on her shoes!

This is because whether you believe it or not, Shirley Clements is already 60 years old.

Yes! She’s 60 years old and she can still do a head spin! As in seriously, she’s one helluva 60-year-old Canadian who can dance like a 16-year-old mover!

So yes, let’s be thankful that the world still has hope in producing great dancers like Shirley Clements, a 60-year-old mover that doesn’t do twerking or the likes as part of her informative dance routines!