How Long Does It Take A Bullet Train To Be Fully Cleaned? The Answer Might Shock You!

(source: tokyo)


We all know that Japan’s bullet trains are the fastest trains ever made by man. With the max speed of 320 km/h, expect your dream destination reachable within a snap of a finger (or maybe, a 10 minute ride). And with such fast travel speed, you must also meet up with its expectations as a road runner. Maintenance should be done lightning fast. Operations should always be on time as well. All of these must follow the time-efficient bullet train.

Another aspect that should also follow the hasty characteristic of bullet trains is its cleanliness. You can’t really avoid unnecessary dirt and accidents like spills inside a super-fast vehicle. But as something that always meet tight schedules, how can its staff maintain a 600 feet long trains? And a more important question here is how long does it take to maintain such trains?

The answer might surprise you!

Cause believe it or not, it only takes 7 minutes for its cleaning crew to clean the entire train!

You should probably thank the Tessei Cleaning Group for meeting such tight schedule, or else you’ll be seating with a dirty seat!

Tessei Cleaners are only given 7 minutes to actually clean the entire train from the inside. This means all dirt and rubbish should be gone before the 7 minute ends.

They call it the “7 Minute Miracle”.

Aside from ensuring that the seats are clean, each cleaner is assigned to check all luggage racks are checked. Each member are assigned with 100 seats to clean (with each row requires 12 seconds at least to be checked).  In addition, trays and shades are also included as part of this cleaning routine.

And if you’re wondering about the chairs, then it might surprise you to know that there’s a secret button that turns them around. Awesome, right?!

So the next time you visit Japan, appreciate those people who spends less than 10 minutes in cleaning your bullet trains. Keep things tidy and neat before leaving the train.

You really don’t want to add a minute to their routine, right?