This Soldier Just Showed 9 Other Ways To Throw A Grenade!



We don’t need to be soldiers to know exactly how dangerous it is to throw a grenade. Just by watching some movies, you’ll notice that people would immediately throw the grenade as far as possible. This is because grenades are sensitive to impacts and could blow up with a single nudge. If you throw it away immediately, the chances of getting hurt from the explosion are just little.

As grenades are concerned, one must not play with one. Like seriously, never ever play with a grenade! Don’t trust Bruno Mar’s Song, saying that “he’ll catch a grenade for you” because no one is ever willing to catch a freaking grenade for you! Get us one person that will do that and you’ll win a prize from us!

Throwing grenades is a thing that should only be done by professionals since they’re the only ones who could ensure that the grenade will explode without hurting any innocent people.

But what if this guy threw the grenade for you? Will you be able to trust this soldier after watching his video?

At the first part of the video, the soldier threw the can in a way that any soldier would always do. But after a few seconds, he does these tricks that really look sleek but dangerous.

Well Sir, we already saw the enemy. What shall we do?

Private, throw the grenade at them! Don’t let them get away!

Okay, Sir! *does backflips and some crazy kicks for a minute*

Dammit private! You could’ve just thrown it using your hand!

And look, is it really safe if you let the grenade bounce on a solid wall before actually “throwing” it at your target. Tsk Tsk!

So whenever you’re on a war and you see this guy with a grenade, take out your phone and record him do some silly kicks. And then run away as far as possible because most probably, his legs will blow off,

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