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News Tycoon is your online news/social buzz/viral content portal where articles are delivered with a surprising twist. We transform boring news into interesting pieces that even the younger audience would still be interested in reading it. We craft creative contents that contain exciting yet edifying topics that will still boost your thirst for new and refreshing information.

Unlike any other news portal, we also encourage our readers to send their stories for posting. How can we be a great source of news if we won’t give our readers to share their own thoughts and ideas, right?

So what are you waiting for? Click on the homepage now and indulge yourself with informative news and interesting contents that will refresh your bland taste for new stuff!

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Meet the Tycoon Team
Maxwell Ashton

Maxwell Ashton – Chief Executive Editor

“Sorry, but Canadians like me don’t always say sorry. The only Canadian thing inside me is my love of maple syrup!”

Chloei Garner

Chloe Garner – Writer

“One thing that I learned from writing these kinds of news and contents; WRITE LIKE YOU’RE WRITING FOR YOURSELF. Like seriously, don’t stress yourself from all the errors in the world.”

Olivia Cleef

Olivia Cleef – Researcher

“They told I could be anything, so I became a fire-breathing, earth-shaking goddess of beauty. Ooor.. I just became a researcher of this awesome team!”