People love reading interesting contents. With NewsTycoon’s way of delivering news and other contents, it’s so much easy to gain attention. And as website owners and marketers, you could use this as an advantage.

Virality always wins when it comes to engagement. When content is interesting enough to magnetize your possible prospects’ attention, they’ll easily be influenced by your ads.

Get your customers attention, keep them hyped, and you’ll score clicks in no time.

Unlike other paid PPCs that require your viewers to land on uninteresting pages first, viral content dependent ads such as NewsTycoon can easily grab clicks, hits and views with ease.

NewsTycoon serves as one of the main news portal by millions of online junkies (and this number still keeps on growing and growing). Imagine your brand being exposed to these viewers every single day! Would you really disregard this chance of dominating the ad battlefield?

Let your brand be known far and wide over the Internet by advertising with NewsTycoon!

Advantages of Advertising with NewsTycoon

We target the right audience for your ads

Our team of ad professionals will carefully match your ads with the right readers as they will appear on contents that falls on the same cath. In this way, your readers will still be interested to click on your link.

We deliver news differently

With the Internet bloated with lots of content, it’s hard for any other news portal to gather enough impression. NewsTycoon’s unique way of delivering contents makes our articles stand out from the crowd, increasing your ads chance to be seen by your possible prospects.

We run on the 3 biggest social media sites

NewsTycoon has its own Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages that attract the most number of viewers on the Internet. Why should anyone ignore these social media sites that carry almost half of the total number of Internet viewers in the world?

Our contents keep your viewer’s interest kicking and running

What made us different from other PPCs is that our site’s contents make our readers interested longer. This interest stays on your readers until they reach your website. Sites with bland contents only bore readers away, throwing your chance to gain visitors.

So what are you waiting for? Advertise with us today!





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