Guy Tried Cutting A Watermelon With His Sword, Then Failed Miserably!

(source:  Kristin C)


If you’re already drunk and you have something crazy thing that you should do, what would that be?

Will you…

  1. Get a hammer and throw it to your friends jaw so that he can feel the pain of being you?
  2. Eat pasta underwater because you feel like it would be tastier that way?
  3. Wear a cape and create wooshing sounds because you’re and effing super hero?
  4. Get a ball and throw it to your nephew, then scream YOU’RE MY POKEMON, NOW!
  5. Get your own sword (or scimitar) and cut a water melon in half by putting it at a top of a very vulnerable glass table?

Let me give you 5 minutes to think about it…

But fast forward, some of you will do with E. And if you chose the other options, then I think this video wouldn’t fit for you.

Meet Ali. I’m not sure if he’s the kind of guy that would be fun at parties, but I guess he’s kinda cool because of his sword. And when he’s sober and he doesn’t have anything to do, he usually cuts stuff out of boredom.

On this particular day, Ali was enraged when he saw a watermelon having an “affair” with his wife, so he tried sentencing it to death.

So what he (and his friends) did is he put the watermelon at a glass table (because its fancier that wooden table), and wished watermelon a good luck. As usual, the watermelon shown no emotion. But too late, Ali was just as angry as ever… Watermelon just needs to die.


And yep, your $15 dollar worth of glass table was gone in an instant. Watermelon just got its revenge on Ali. But I think Ali doesn’t give a damn with the table or with the watermelon anymore.

Ali, please, never visit us again (or at least leave your sword at home).