These Guys Played Frisbees With Bungee Cords, ATVs, Surfboards and Basketball Hoops… And It Looked 100x Cooler!

(source: YouTube video uploaded by devinsuperstramp)

What do you get when you combined cliffs with bungee cords, sand dunes with ATVs, the sea, some rocky cliffs, and basketball hoops with Frisbee? An epic Frisbee trick shots video that would made any Frisbee player envy!

YouTube uploader devinsuperstramp filmed his group as they made different Frisbee trick shots from different locations.

From cliff to cliff throws to amazing Frisbee ring shots; these guys looked like they can perform every possible trick shot with the use of the plastic saucer.

According to the video’s description, these shots are just a part of a promotional video for a contest held by a famous watch company. The video encourages people to record their everyday adventures and share it for the world see. Many viewers participated on the said event and sent their own images and videos showing their adventures in life.

The YouTube uploader (which is also known as Devin Graham) is an American videographer known for his amazing videos that features nature and action. He started recording and film making at a very young age with his snowboarding stunts. But an accident occurred (breaking his back and legs), which led him into focusing videography.

Usually, Graham works with various fan volunteers and his room-mate Jeff Harmon.  They would go to various places and stay there for a number of days just to finish videos as short as 3 minutes. There was even a time when he and his team spent half a day hiking, swimming and kayaking just to shoot a 4 second shot!

Graham’s videos became a hit that he quickly gained a lot of viewers and subscribers on his YouTube channel. It turned out way greater when various brands like Mountain Dew, Ford, Ford, Reebok started sponsoring his videos.

According to Graham, his videos do not only show adventures and stunts. He ensures that each video tells a story and shows that there’s more to out. And with this agenda in mind, we think that he succeeded relaying this message. Just watching his videos will definitely take you somewhere else!

Sometimes, failures come first before success. We need to realize that we have limitations. We have some things that we can’t really maximize. We can’t do all the things that we want to do. But despite all of these, we must appreciate the beauty of life.

Just by watching at it, one will think that everyone can achieve the impossible. All you need to do is to be brave, be bold, and leap from a mountain while throwing a Frisbee to friend on the other side of the cliff!