Watch This Awesome Guy Pull Off Awesome Jet Ski Tricks Like A Boss!

(source: LukeShowtimeStocks)


Tony Hawk made skateboarding more awesome as he flashes various tricks that can leave anyone’s jaw open. Cristiano Ronaldo is also admired by many because of his sick moves and awesome tricks in football. Just think of any sport, and you could easily think of a person that could do a trick or two. But when it comes to Jet Skis, I think we can’t think of anyone else.

First of all, how can you create some tricks with a Jet Ski? Aren’t they like for racing only? We bet that not even anyone could do a spin with those heavy duty miniature boats!

Believe it or not, there’s a sport that showcases Jet Ski tricks. And just like with bikes and other skateboards, jet skis can be used for awesome tricks. And the spin that you’re talking about earlier… its possible!

Well, it’s better if you actually see the actual tricks being executed by the champion himself, Anthony Burgess.

Okay, I do admit that I have 0 knowledge about Jet Ski tournaments. All I know is that Jet Skis are made for racing and not for doing tricks. I know that Jet Skis are heavy and could crush you once you got one trampling you. But after seeing this video, it’s just freaking awesome!

Just look at Anthony Burgess doing those freaking 360-degrees turn! I mean, I know how to use a Jet Ski, but I think the rotating the whole ski while I’m on it is too much for me.

So for you, Anthony, hats off! And you’re just freaking awesome!

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