This Girl Was Having A Time Of Her Life While Singing “Baby” When This Happened

(source: cahran dafali)


Girls slumber parties are like, one of the best slumber parties since you got not boys to ruin the fun. No one pulls your hair (and instead, your bests will fix it for you), you’ll have the chance to talk about the guys (and maybe get some spilled beans), maybe exchange wardrobes and some other stuff that you can do while on your friend’s house.

Another thing that’s great about sleepovers is that you can act weird and so some crappy things together without anyone judging you. Maybe you could dance like crazy in front of the dinner table. Do some funny faces while mocking other kids.

Or maybe, you could sing and dance like a lunatic in front of a mirror with your friends. You know, just play a random Justine Bieber song and relive everything that’s like 2010 or something.

But word of advice: BE MINDFUL OF YOUR MIC!

This girl was just prancing and dancing like everyone else (of course, who can’t help dancing if you’re playing the song Baby by Justine Bieber?) So maybe her dancing shenanigans is understandable, huh.

But then again, don’t let the song jive in your head that much because when that song is played, you’ll forget everything. That song is soo evilish, you’ll probably forgot that iron curlers are pretty hot. And dammit, it’s just as hot as a hair iron, only it’s shaped like a rod.

And so, she was on that part where the chorus was nearly there when suddenly..


For a split second after touching that hot iron curler, she realize that she was doomed, she was burnt, and her part on the song was ruined. Poor girl.

And so again, this is another reason parents should monitor their girls during slumber parties.

Who knows what silly things these girls could do during an innocent sleepover. Tsk tsk, damn you Justine Bieber song!