This Is What It Looks Like When You Feed A Slice of Lemon to A Baby!



Lemonade, lemon drops, lemon cake, lemon wine, lemon bars… We can all agree that lemon is one of the most wonderful fruit in the whole world. And as an avid fan of lemons, I think that no one will be comparable to its ability to scrunch up faces of people because of its tangy, sour-ish flavor.

It’s not really unknown to the majority of us that lemons are the extremities of sourness. Like if sourness is an IQ, then lemons are the Albert Einsteins of sourness. If sourness can be exchanged to cash, then I want to be married to a lemon pretty much right now!

And what about babies? Ugh! They’re so cute and cuddly! Babies are like the lemons when it comes to cuteness! You’ll get rich if you marry a baby if you compare cuteness to money, and you’ll most probably meet the most intelligent person in the world once a baby can convert its cuteness into intelligence.

So what if we combine a baby and a lemon? What would that look like? Well, take a look at this!

I know. You just melted on your spot. Felt that nerve crackling behind your neck? That’s the lemons letting you know that they love you! (Just so you know, that feeling is what I call sourgasm)

I bet you can’t take your eyes off that cute baby, squinting like there’s not tomorrow! And when he smiled even though his taste buds had suffered from the cooling sour-y taste of the lemon, it’s just like he was reborn! Aww!

Now, we already know what happens when we combine lemons and babies. We already know that babies will still love you if you ruin their taste sensory with a very sour lemon.

Don’t worry, lemons! I still love you! Mwaaah!