What’s Cuter Than Baby Goats Jumping? Baby Goats In Pajamas Jumping!

(source: Sunflower Farm Creamery)


Old MacDonald Had a Farm, ee-i-ee-i-oh! And on his farm he had a goat, ee-i-ee-i-oh!

With a Baa-baa here, and a baa-baa there. Here a baa, there a baa, everywhere a baa-baa!

Like who wouldn’t like a sheep on their barn, right? This specific barn had their tiny goats. Yes, you’ll definitely find baby goats cuter than a toddler. But what made these goats even more adorable is the fact that these 3 week old Nigerian Dwarf Goats wore pajamas during a cold morning. And look at how they just run and prance around inside the barn house.

Just tell me, who wouldn’t melt after seeing these goats jump?

According to the video’s description, Winifred and Monty (seriously, their names are just the cutest) had to stay inside the barn after knowing that it’s raining outside. Although adult goats doesn’t even give a damn whether rain drops on their silly little heads, these goat kids thought of it differently. Of course, why should you waste your pretty little pajamas if it will only get wet outside?

Some may not know it, but goat kids are usually one of the most active babies in the animal kingdom. Just like puppies, they’ll run off back and forth (and even jump) from one place to another. This is why goat owners should have an enough space for their goats to roam around.

Now, imagine if Old MacDonald had his tailor make pajamas to all of his barn animals, what would it look like?

Cows in Pajamas? That might look moo-swome! Ducks in Pajamas? Well, I would “quack”-nowledge that! How about dog in pajamas? That would look paw-mazing! That would make a cool looking barn, don’t you think?

But for now, let’s be contented with what this barn has for us! Go baby goats in pajamas! Run and jump like no tomorrow!