This 20 Day Old Husky Learns How To Howl (In A Cute Way)

(source: patkandiurin)


Dogs are pretty much cute and adorable no matter what state, age, or breed it has. For me, Puppies and old dogs are equally cute once they wag their tails or something. And when they howl, oh my! It’s just like my ears are having orgasm!

Well, err, I love dogs that much. I really like the way to treat you. Unlike cats, dogs will always run towards you and greet your with a bark (and a leap, and a lick, and maybe even some humping.) And it’s kinda more adorable when it’s done by puppies. You know they’re putting much effort in sounding big and strong when they bark, so I think that’s a plus.

So when these puppies try to do something that “grown up” dogs do, it will definitely look adorable! May it be chasing bigger dogs, eating food from a bowl, scaring cats, or maybe howling.

OMG! Howling! Now that’s something cute! And now, you can watch it as a cute 20 day old husky howls like there’s no tomorrow!

Yes, that Alaskan Siberian husky that you just saw is only 20 days old. And yes, it’s more adorable than everything else in this world right now!

Siberian Huskies look really gorgeous when they grow up. And believe it or not, they look cute when they’re just pups.

In the video, you can see Belka (the pup) vocalizing with his human owner. Of course, you can’t really give a great howl if you really don’t know how to do it. So in order to do that, you must have a human kid to help you out with this one.

So for us here, let’s just hope that Belka can give an awesome howl in the future!

Thank you, human kid, for teaching dogs how to howl like real, well-trained, dog!