This Cute Little Baby Seeing Her Parents For the First Time With The Help of Glasses Will Make Your Day Complete!

(source: Video 777)


For those who don’t wear glasses, let me explain to you what is life if you don’t have one (but you need one).

Imagine reading those headers from a poster of a concert of a movie. Now imagine if they’re smudged and you just can’t figure out the words that are on it. Imagine if you see the trees as big chunks of brown colored sticks from afar. Imagine playing baseball, but the chances of getting hit by the ball is increased by 99%. Imagine looking at the ruler, but you have to look at it close. REAL CLOSE. REALLY CLOSE!

That’s life without glasses. That’s life if you have crappy eyesight. And when people like me wear our glasses. WOAH!  EVERYTHING LOOKS 3D! Like as if you watch TV and suddenly, it changes to HD. That’s how it feels like wearing one.

Still don’t get it? Well, I guess this video of Piper would definitely give you a better visual of what we feel when we wear glasses.

Piper (the adorable baby in the video that has the cheeks of a thousand panda’s dancing cutely), has troubles seeing the things around her. This is why her parents decided to get her eyeglasses.

At first, she was very irritated because something is forced on her head.

“Mom, seriously? What the heck is this thing!?” if she could only speak.

But once she finally had it comfortably fitted on her head, you could just see everything in her face.

OMG! HD! HD! ALL THINGS ARE NOW ON HD!” if she could only again speak.

I think words can ever match her expression. Just look at her smile widen as big as the Great Canyon, and you’ll see that everything was “clear” to her. She just realized that she got poor eyesight.

Thank you, Piper’s mom, for giving her a chance to see things a bit clearer. “Clearly”, she got a “bright” future ahead of her. LOL!