Just Look At The Cups And The Ball, And Tell Me How The Heck Did He Do That!

(source: TrendingVids)


We all love seeing magic tricks and someone who doesn’t should stay under a rock!

We all want to spend half an hour seeing illusionist do things that tricks our eyes. Like remember when Harry Houdini, David Blaine and Chris Angel owned the stage with their amazing performances? Or I guess magic tricks like from those movies like Now You See Me can still meet your taste.

These people do crazy and complicated stuff to wow us. This is most probably why it’s rare for us to enjoy a classic trick by only using basic items like rings, etc. However, this guy from France proved that simplicity can still wow the audience.

With his ruffed up look and lazy aura, Yann Frisch may not be your magician if you want an explosive trick immediately. He’s just your “bored” guy sitting behind a table with 2 cups (one small and the other one’s bigger) and a red sticky ball.

His first trick was the average “endless pouring of water” technique which most magicians can actually do. But after a few seconds, he went on with his act by doing some tricks with the red sticky ball.

To be honest, I tried playing the video in slow-motion just to catch his sleight of hands, but I really failed. I got bored in exposing him that I stopped playing it in a frame-by-frame speed and played it on an average tempo to enjoy the rest of his trick.

Seriously, it’s not that easy to wow us with simple objects. Usually, we want someone to be stabbed inside a magic box, or get sawed by 2 beautiful girls while the magician waves his magic wand. But with Yann Frisch, you’ll slowly realize that magic doesn’t require complicated stunts. Sometimes, you just need a couple of fast-moving hands to keep your audience hyped!