Real Life Bambi And Thumper Caught On Camera!

(source: YMCA of the Rockies)


Have you ever wished that the movie you just watched was real? Like maybe you wished that it should have a real life version? It’s like after you watched Toy Story, you wished that your toys were moving and talking every time you’re away. It’s just that you really want everything to have their real life counterpart.

I remember the first time I saw Finding Nemo and desperately wished that Nemo was real. I mean, if I was the person who accidentally caught Nemo, I’ll immediately get his father and their fishy friends (except for those sharks) and put them in a nice big aquarium. Or maybe if the 101 Dalmatians were real, I’ll definitely collect them all and just take care of them.

Isn’t just wonderful? Now what if someone who really wants something like that and wished very, very hard? And the result? A real live counterpart of his/her favorite movie.

Well, we think that someone just wished for a real live Bambi and Thumper combination. And like seriously, I think Mother Nature heard his/her call. And because Mother Nature is nice, she just created a real-life version of them!

So yes, you got your obviously awkward yet adorable deer with a curiosity level of uhm, deer, and a rabbit who’s so energetic, that you could easily replace him as a sub energy drink mascot. And when they are put together in an open field, the cuteness will just explode in the air.

Like seriously, they really are the Bambi and Thumper of America, and I can last a whole day just by watching these two play together.

Well, this only shows that when you wish really, really, really hard, they may come true.

So to everyone out there, please help me wish for Nemo, Marlin, and Dory. Please encourage Mother Nature to create an optimistic fish with short-term memory loss!

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