If National Geographic And Star Wars Were Combined, This Will Be The Result!

(source: Blackhawk)


Documentaries are supposed to be interesting and inviting, but it goes on the opposite trail when kids watch it during their class periods. Kids sleeping, teens passing notes, eating without watching the video and much more signs of boredom is a common sight when you enter a room full of kids, forced to watch some silly documentaries. Although it’s true that these shows are as much informative as any other book, you can’t deny the fact that some can’t appreciate them.

With this underlying truth, documentarists thought of some ways to make their works feel more alive. They started including famous celebrities. They also tried shooting these films on never-before-seen locations. But one person on YouTube made such a huge break-through that it could really change the way we see documentaries.

Imagine this, you’re watching a documentary about bats and crocodiles, when suddenly..,


Now it does look better, right? I think that’s what YouTube user Blackhawk thought after creating this funny revamp version of BBC’s Wonders of the Monsoon.

Who could’ve thought that your plain but thrilling jungle war could turn out much cooler when you add laser beams, flames, and a bunch of beam rays! Now that’s 100 cooler than Jumanji!

Come to think of it, it looked kinda like Star Wars, right? The crocodile was the Death Star while the bats were X-Wing Fighters. LOL!

According to the video description, the sound effects came from the video game Halo 4. However, the effects used on the said video were purely created by Blackhawk himself.

But look, at least we could still see the interaction between the bats and the crocodile, right? No one would actually believe that bats could produce star beams and crocodiles could fire lasers from their mouth.

Let’s all thank the creative minds of today’s generation in making not-so-fun things into the most interesting piece of educational material in the world!

Now, where could we find R2D2 and Luke Skywalker to complete the Star Wars get-up?