Thousands of Tuna Crabs Stranded on San Diego Beaches!

(source: News Guide)


It looks like Mr. Krabs’s relatives were having a bad day on the beaches of San Diego this June.

Why? Well, thousands of tuna crabs were found stranded this month on various beaches in San Diego.

What made it look very horrifying is that they were lined up and stretched across the shore. Some of them were still moving and still showing life force while others were stiffed and frozen.

Tuna Crabs (Pleuroncodes planipes) is a type of crab which isn’t really a crab. And yes, it’s obviously not a fond relative of tuna. Believe it or not, they’re specie of little lobsters!

Now, what happened in San Diego isn’t really “rare” as it already happened a few years back.

Usually, these curious crabs (or lobsters) are washed ashore because of many reasons like:

  • They are dying – because of the wave’s force, dead tuna crabs are washed ashore.
  • Something was wrong with the water temperature – Warm waters shoo these lobsters away from the sea. A certain spike of temperature may feel good to us, but these lobsters can be affected greatly by this phenomenon.
  • El Nino – Just like what we’ve said earlier, temperature can affect their activity and their behavior. This phenomenon makes water warm faster due to extensive heat. Since warm waters are not good for microbes that serves as food for creatures like tuna crabs, these creatures search for more food on other parts of the ocean.

So yeah, it may look cool, but it isn’t. Most probably, some of these stranded crabs were already doomed from the start.

So the next time you visit San Diego, don’t pick up these crabs because it’s just easy to do it. They’re not that safe to eat, and it’s just plain disgusting if you try to eat one straight from the sand.