When Science and Baking Collides… You Get This Beautiful Interactive Cake!

(source: Inside the Magic)


Are you tired of the usual boring iced wedding cake? Do your taste buds reject those plain chiffon cakes that don’t really taste anything at all? Is your wedding a bummer after realizing that there’s nothing much to it? Do you even have a round-boring-wedding-cake-phobia and you just want to stay away from such things? Are you so disgusted by the fact that people enjoy the taste of wedding cakes more than its majestic designs that were inta-worthy? The suffering shouldn’t last long if you have an interactive wedding cake that looked like it came from the era when Terminators were born!

Say hello to projection mapping cake!

From your old and boring cake, some bakers from Disney decided to revolutionize wedding cakes by infusing it with 3D projection. Like why didn’t other have thought of that before?

So now, instead of having your boring cake with the traditional plastic couple action figures on top, you’ll have a plain smooth square cake without those action figures, but now with lights!

I highly doubt that they made the cake more delectable, but the animated projection did a wonderful job in beautifying the cake. Now imagine if all your favorite Disney princesses popped out from that cake! Imagine seeing Mulan ‘slashing’ the cake into different parts!

Projection mapping are not limited to wedding cakes. If you can be more creative, you could actually apply this to ordinary birthday cakes, debut cakes, and other cakes that fit on each and every possible occasion. With our current technology, food presentations become limitless!

So the next time you order a cake, you may have to consider having this cake first. Just make sure you have your own visual team and maybe a few extra bucks for everything!

But if you can’t afford one, just stick to boring but reasonably cheap traditional cakes!