The Essential Oils Trend in Skin Care and Hair Care Market

The high rise of essential oils in skin care rapidly flows. New brands and names venture on the market and essential oils are now becoming a household name for skin care. Initially, these oils were known for their rich scent that can relax the senses and soothe the nerves. Beauty brand recently found that these essential oils are also great for skin care and hair care treatments.

Using rose oil for hair is a rising trend in the whole beauty care community. Rose Oil Review confirmed that the rose oil indeed contains rich properties that can help treat hair problems like dryness and infections. The page also states that the rose oil is a rich source of antiseptic properties that can help ward off dirt and bacteria from infecting the scalp. Aside from this quality, using rose oil for hair can help provide a boost in hydration and moisture to keep it overall healthy.

Consumers choosing essential oils over other products

The essential oils in beauty care were not only used for hair. They are also a top choice for the skin. The huge craze about these oils started from the celebrities popularizing holistic skin care. Some of the biggest names that contributed to the hype are the Kardashians, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Miranda Kerr. These celebrities are some of the most influential icons in the entertainment industry so it’s only high time that essential oils started floating around the industry.

Essential oils backed up with celebrity influence can only stand for some time. However, these oils still remain and its market continues to grow. Studies have found that essential oils also contain rich properties that are on par with the most popular skin care products today. These oils are highly flexible and consumers will be able to mix them to make homemade skin care and hair care product. It is also found that these essential oils are safer for the skin with their pure organic extracts.