These Guys Played Billie Jean With the Use of Empty Bottles?

(source: Bottle Boys)


Did you know that an average American uses 167 disposable bottles and recycles only 38 of them per year?

Come to think about it, 129 bottles are still a lot. And what usually happens with these bottles is that they are either dumped in the ocean or worse, cluttered somewhere down your street.

Yes, we produce that much rubbish in the world, this is why a lot of people are starting to think of ideas to maximize the use of bottles. One group of guys thought of making something out of these bottles, and that is music! And this time, you’ll definitely dance to their tune as they play Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Say hello to Bottle Boys!

Who said creating music requires you to purchase expensive instruments, when you can ideally have something from trash (and of course, you need to wash them first before using it).

If you think that their faces are quite familiar, then you have probably seen them on Britain’s Got Talent last 2013. Although they haven’t won the contest, this group of fellows continued their music careers over YouTube.

After almost a couple of years, the Danish bottle group still creates their own renditions of popular songs. They even invite their viewers and subscribers to suggest songs that they’ll play on their bottles.

If you think you have what it takes to play with such skill, all you need is a group of friends (specifically not Danish), empty beer bottles (that were already cleaned, drinking the contents first is optional) and study how you could make music with it.

But if you’re the kind of viewers who’s already contented with watching these guys, then go to their channel and subscribe to them!

Now, I wonder if they could play the theme song of Game of Thrones. What do you think?