This Man Outrageously Plays Guitar While Undergoing Brain Tumor Surgery. But Why?!

(source: 1,000,000V)


Whenever someone undergoes a surgery, every must be as calm as they should be. No distractions should be present on the operation room. Usually, the heart beat monitor is the only thing that produces sound inside the ward. Everyone must focus on the person they are operating. But surely, it wouldn’t hurt if we add some music to it, right?

Anthony Kullkamp Dias is your ordinary Brazilian professional guitarist. But at 33, he noticed that something was definitely wrong with his brain. He kept on stammering and even to the point that he can’t pronounce the name of his car.

So just like any other counter measures, he was asked to undergo a brain tumor surgery. All of this with a special request. He must play his guitar while undergoing such procedure.

Of course, you’d wonder why in the huckleberry hide would he do that? Or the  better question here is… How the heck did he do that?!

If you’re in his place, you’d better have your guitar ready because playing songs with your guitar while undergoing such operation can help doctors figure out whether your brain is still safe.

We do know that the rest of the body has nerves attached to it that gives the signal to the brain, telling whether that certain part is currently in pain. However, our brain is quite different. We don’t have pain receptors on our brain. This explains why our guitarist here isn’t flinching.

So why is it necessary to do this? The doctors asked old man Dias to play his guitar to know if the speech and motor areas of the brain are undamaged while removing the tumor. So basically, if Dias stopped playing the guitar, it means trouble.

Now, our team won’t be surprised if Grey’s Anatomy suddenly decided to make its own musical series after watching this video.