This Is How First Time Dads Change Their Baby’s Diapers

1815 – diapers

(source: Jamie Morse)


The difference between a mom and a dad during parenthood is that moms are really into taking care of their babies, while dads kinda struggle in the process. Moms could perfectly wake up in the morning, cook breakfast, tend the babies, and still look like a queen. Dads, however, will look like a horrible Frankenstein monster after going through these.

According to some dads, the worst part of having a baby is to change their diapers. According to them, it’s like diffusing a time bomb/smoke grenade hybrid. If you beat the clock, you could avoid being splattered by that fiendish goo. But if everything else fails, get ready to change not only your baby’s nappies, but also your own clothes.

Yes, no matter how masculine you are, you will not be spared by the poopy wrath. No tattoos could ever hide the fact that most guys are afraid of baby poops. And whether you like it or not, you’re going to need the bravest soldiers for this one.

Just look at this guy. Tell me that this doesn’t remind dads their first time of changing their kids diapers.

At first, Jamie looks so determined and strong. I mean, can’t you see that his tattoos are like screaming “no poop can affect our masculine owner”.

But once he opened the diaper, BOOM!

You could almost see him throw up!

And that’s not all, he just can’t really handle the smell.

He groans and coughs every time he lifts the diapers.

Ugh, you can almost feel the struggle just by watching him change the diaper. And that’s just really cute, adorable (and quite pitiful) at the same time.

But don’t worry! Just like any father, he successfully changed his daughter’s diapers.

So the next time you change your baby’s diapers, think of Jamie Morse. Let his tattoos give you strength in overcoming this challenge!