48-Year-Old Chinese Bus Driver Did The Bravest Thing After Being Hit By A Flying Piece of Metal While Driving

(source: ODN)


When someone says that you need to do your job no matter what circumstance you are into, then you must really do everything to get your job done. Even if all hells break loose and you just got hit by a random flying piece of metal, you must still get your job done. No questions asked.

This guy in China carries this point after he was struck by a flying piece of metal while driving a bus. And just like any bus driver who always prioritize the safety of his passengers, this injured man had the will to stop the bus, put the hazard lights and asked his passengers not to scurry around the highway (because they’re either a bunch of kids on adults clothing or he’s just too concerned for his passengers.)

But seriously speaking, this guy is crazy and heroic at the same time.

Meet Wu Bin, a 48-year-old bus driver from Hangzhou. And to tell you the truth, he has one of the drivers with the biggest balls in the history of Chinese bus driving.

So here’s the catch. He was driving his bus to Wuxi City when a flying piece of iron flew from the opposite lane of the road and pierced through his window, striking him down.

Of course, you can see that the impact was truly painful. And just by the look at Wu Bin’s face, you could really see that it’s really the kind of pain that would leave you powerless and crazy.

But because of Wu Bin’s compassion, he was able to stop the car, put on some hazard lights and tell his people to calm down (even though their driver was critically injured by a random flying piece of metal.)

The brave driver was taken to the nearest hospital. Sadly, he died 4 days after the incident.

Hats off to you, Sir Wu Bin!

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