Forget About Visiting Your Human Dentist If Your Cat Can Do It For You

(source: CutiesNFuzzies)


Being a cat dentist is not an easy job. You have to deal with your owner’s halitosis and meet bed time, all within the day’s work. Because humans eat lots of stuff that you don’t find really delectable, they usually suffer from tooth ache and cavity. Like they really have cavities and stuff each and every day! And that’s just not cool for someone who’s known for her beautiful fur and wonderful catwalk.

But then again, you’re their cat and they’re your owner. They feed you (at least) and brush your fur (at least) 7 times a week, so you have no choice but to fix those teeth and check them once in a while.

Ugh, why should you really have to deal with humans and their teeth? If only that wasn’t your job, you could be hanging out with some sphinx or something.

Anyway, let this video tell you how troublesome for a cat dentist to live with humans.

So how troublesome it is for a cat dentist to live with them? Let’s list it down!

They don’t know how to brush properly – Like seriously, humans brush for only for a minute or less. How the heck can you remove those plaques within 54 seconds of brushing?

They use floss – Floss ain’t good for your teeth. Just ask any other cats out there. Try pulling a long string of floss in front of a kitten and it’ll just pull it off like a boss.

They expect you to do unprofessional stuff – No, we don’t do rollover or play dead like those beasty dogs! We do whitening, braces, retainers and maybe dental checkups.

They don’t pay you – For Pete’s sake, you’re a cat that studied 7 years for dentistry! They get checked each and every day! And what will you pay us? Stings? Seriously… Oh wait, that’s an interesting string you got there!

So yet another cavity was avoided, thanks to our loving pet cat dentists!