This Cat Struggles To Jump Into His Cozy Cage From Waxed Floor

(source: America’s Funniest Home Videos)


This article was made to look like it was written by the cat in the video. So if you’re wondering why this content looked like it was written by some high person who sniffed catnip, then maybe you should wander around for a bit. Seriously, you might really need to think about everything first, party pooper.


Dear Human,

                We meet again. It’s time for us to talk about what happened earlier. And no, don’t play tricks on me. I know you’re the responsible for this magic that you’ve put on me. Earlier, I lost my leaping skill. I lost my ability to leap like a beautiful and majestic unicorn. And seriously, I don’t know why you did it. I don’t know how you did it. But there’s one thing that I really want to say, PLEASE PUT MY SKILL BACK!

                Seriously, I just can’t leap! I can’t get back to my cage and sleep! The dogs on the other kernels were killing me with their stupendous barking. And right after they saw me struggling, they barked louder. They mocked my feline superiority, and I know it’s your entire fault!

                And don’t tell me you didn’t do anything on the area. I did smell something different on the floor. I know humans have this ability to alter matter (I do remember those machines that turns air inside out, and you called it ‘vacuum cleaners’.) But for this one, I don’t really know what you did.

                One day, I’ll avenge my legs. Just wait for me, human! I know you’re the one feeding us, but it’s not fair to laugh while I lose my leg power! I’m a cat for crying out loud!

                You’ll see for yourself! I’ll have my revenge!!!

                P.S. I really loved catnip! Can you bring another bundle for me?


                                                                                                                                                                                       Mr, Snuffles.