You Won’t Believe How Good Are These Cats In Stealing Stuff!

(source: AFV Animals)


NewsTycoon is never a stranger to those instances when pets, such as dogs, steal food from their owners. We even made an article about them. And with that, we already understand that our leftovers aren’t really lost in the void. They were either snatched by someone from your family, or they were eaten by your furry friends.

But little do us pet owners know that dogs are not the dirty little sneakers in the house. You may want to look at Mr. Furrball, Antonette, Miso, or Munchkins cause you know they knew something about food stealing.

And unlike dogs who only steal food from humans, cats also steal food from other felines. Wow, talk about being a backstabbing whisker creature!

So yep, it turns out that all pets really steal food when they’re hungry. So what now? Who are you going to trust inside your house? Your pet fish? Your pet bird? But before you figure that out, you really must watch this video first!

Just like our dogs, we can’t really trust our cats. They may look innocent and sophisticated at first, but they are evil and snarky when it comes to food.

What made them more evil compared to dogs is that they’re not only into food stealing. They even steal money from their owners (like seriously, be wary of those disappearing bills.) And the reason behind stealing them? Unknown! Worst case scenario, they might use it for drugs or catnip!

Well, I guess the only pets that we could trust inside our homes could be the following:

  • Blubby the goldfish
  • The Itch Family (they’re my brother’s ant colony)
  • Gigi the iguana
  • Some random bug that I found in the backyard

Lesson of the story? You got to guard your items from those pesky pals of yours! Or else, you might lose another dollar!

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