Cat Saw A Cucumber Sneaking On Her Back, And Her Reaction Was Just Nuts!

(source: DOKI DOKI)


What is the most horrifying thing that you ever saw while eating?

For me, one of the most horrifying things that I saw a floating apple at the back of my teacher. It ain’t no joke, it was really a floating apple without strings nor invisible hands levitating it. I know what I saw and I know what it was really like. At first, I suspected it as a ghost. But I didn’t have the chance to prove that it was really a ghost.

I might be a laughing matter to you, but I think cats think that seeing a random fruit/veggie is just a hellish nightmare to endure. Like when you’re just minding your own business and you’re enjoying you meal quietly, when suddenly, WOAH!

And for cats, nothing is more horrifying than finding a giant cucumber sneaking from behind. Waiting, sneaking, quietly, like some sort of ninja waiting to stab you with nutritional values.

Yep, that’s the thing about vegetables. You know that they’re just there and they wouldn’t really move. But when they get uncomfortably near you, that’s when the horror starts. Nothing is more horrifying than finding a nutritious piece of vegie hiding in the shadows.

Let’s stop and think. Why do you think did the cat jump after seeing the cucumber? We brainstormed and got these answers!

He hates green – Well, what if that cat hates The Riddle, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, The Ninja Turtles, Nickelodeon’s Goop, or maybe he just hates the color of vegetables.

He doesn’t want to eat elongated food – What if he nearly choked after eating a carrot. That’s kinda traumatic, don’t you think?

He hates pickles – They’re too sour, and they ruin the taste of McDonald’s burgers.

A cucumber bullied him when he was just a kitty – You may never know what can a cucumber do to you.

So should you blame the cat for being a nervous Nelly with that cucumber? I don’t think so.

Be careful with those cucumbers. They might hurt you. They might bully you.

Remember, not all nutritious are good for your body.