There’s More To Your Chainsaw Than Cutting Ice During Cold Seasons!

(source: Freeride)


Chainsaws are usually depicted as items that can cause harm and havoc. Common movie baddies use chainsaws as their main weapon (hello Jason and the rest of the crew!). Others use it as their own set of defense to shoo away enemies (just look Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising). For this reason, some people take cover when they hear the ragged sound of its chugging motor. However, a Swedish man can change our perspective when it comes to these death machines.


Well, he combined the power of chainsaw and the gracefulness of ice skating, creating one heck of a potential manly Disney on Ice! Yes, he just invented Chainsaw Ice skating!

But would it be stupid, silly, and dangerous to use such roaring blades as skates on your feet?

Yes, it could be that dangerous! But instead of putting it on his feet, he used the continuous motion from the blades of the chainsaw as the energy that will help him move forward!

Though it looked really fun, I can’t really see myself grabbing my chainsaw, running to the nearest frozen lake, and take a risk by creating my own burial site on the icy floor that could cause hypothermia. I’ll just go to those plain ice skates, thank you!

Luckily, the guy on the video was not hurt or anything after using chainsaws as “ice skates”. In fact, he looked like he really enjoyed every second of his personalized ride!

Watch again and you’ll see that he has no intention of stopping his own mechanical tree cutter in moving him along the rigid ice! Woah!

Anyway, let’s just leave these chainsaw ideas to those people who haven’t seen Final Destination or Saw yet. At least I know exactly what could happen when you play with these mechanical saws!