Get Ready To Melt As You Watch This Cutesy Chameleon Pop Bubbles Adorably!

(source: DeBakesalot)


To start this story, let me list the down the things that we know about the chameleon

  • They can elongate their tongues to reach for food – People who don’t know this aren’t really fans of a chameleon
  • They can change color like Lady Gaga – Well, except that when they change color, they don’t say Baby I was born this way!
  • They like insects – Don’t misread this you honks!

Now, here are the things that we don’t know about chameleons

  • They look cuter when they’re just babies – You must search for BABY CHAMELEONS on Google now!
  • They change color according to temperature – It’s more of Pink’s You’re hot and you’re cold!
  • They just love freaking bubbles like SpongeBob – Yes, they surely love… Wait, what? Did you just read this? Do they really freaking love bubbles? Well, if you still doubt us, then we guess you have to watch this video

Owner DeBakesalot was just playing bubbles when he thought of sharing the fun with his pet chameleon named Laura. And just like SpongeBob, she really likes popping bubbles!

Just look at her raising her glorious hands as she tries to reach out those vulnerable bubbles. I’m not even sure if she understands what her owner was saying, but I guess she feels that she really need to burst those bubbles like the world was going to end.

So what do you think she was thinking during this event? We listed 5 possible things that’s running in her mind at that time.

  1. Gonna burst that freaking bubble! Graaah!
  2. Gonna burst that freaking bubble! Graaah!
  3. Gonna burst that freaking bubble! Graaah!
  4. Gonna burst that freaking bubble! Graaah!
  5. Gonna burst that freaking bubble! Graaah!

So that just means that she really like bursting bubbles!

All hail the sweet chameleon that raises the heavens with her adorableness!