Charlie Charlie – The Internet’s 20th Century Ouija Board

Yes or No
I hope Charlie Sheen knows this game, too.

What do you get when you have 2 pencils, a piece of paper with 2 yeses and 2 nos, and a crazy idea to contact a ghost just to answer simple ‘yes or no’ answers? Charlie Charlie!

Charlie Charlie is a “magic 8 ball/Ouija board” like game where people use 2 pencils to contact a ‘dead’ kid named Charlie. The pencils are used as pointers to either a yes or a no. Players must first ‘ask’ Charlie permission to play. Once he says ‘yes’, players can start asking yes/no answers. And to end it, players must also have to ask permission to stop the game.



I want to play a game
I want to play a game

Of course, the game was easily embraced by the internet. Thousands of internet users claimed that ‘Charlie Charlie’ was true. Pictures of the “paper board” used for the game circulated on the internet. The hype was so successful that many users wanted to try the Charlie Charlie.

We don’t really want you to try Charlie Charlie. But for the sake of knowing it, we’ll tell you how to play it. (But seriously, if you’re THAT curious, play at your own will)


Charlie Charlie Project Challenge


What will you need?

  • 2 Pencils (better if it’s unsharpened)
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen to write on the paper
  • Friends (because playing it alone isn’t entertaining).




  1. On the piece of paper, draw a big cross on the middle. Make it as straight as you can. Then, put the words yes and no on each open corner.
  2. Place a pencil along the horizontal line, then place the other pencil on its top. Make sure that it aligns the vertical line.
  3. To start the game, you must chant “Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” If the pencil pointed to the Yes quadrant, then you may start the game. If not, you must ask again and again until it points to YES.
  4. Ask questions. Ask as many as you want to.
  5. If you suddenly realize that what you are doing is way too freaky, you must chant “Charlie, Charlie, can we stop?” When it says YES, say “Goodbye” and remove the pencils from the paper. If it points to no, then keep trying (who knows for how many tries) until it turns to YES.
  6. After that, share your video (we know that you’ve recorded it) to your social media accounts and regret what you just did.


So how did this child-friendly Ouija board started?

The game actually started in Mexico and some even say that it was one of those games that was specially made for kids. It’s a tradition where kids spook themselves with a made-up story of a dead kid or a demon named Charlie. This can be compared to a Ouija Board for ages 3 and up.


Kids playing quija
Kids playing quija

Now, these questions remain. Is this game really true? Is there really a demon or a spirit named Charlie? Why does this game look like an Ouija board for kids? But seriously, why would you let your kids play with supernatural beings?

If only Charlie Charlie could answer these questions…

Do you want me to answer?
Do you want me to answer?

*update: We just found out that Charlie Charlie was a viral marketing Stunt for the move : The Gallows

But is it really a marketing strategy? Or is it real? Well, I guess we need to play Charlie Charlie to know the answers!

The Gallow
The Gallows